Pacific Coast Supply – Manager Event

Manager Event Proposal

Alice Radio Performance

Hello Terri,

When you have a moment please review the above proposal that discusses entertainment for your manager meeting on February 20, 2018.

I’m excited about the possibility of working with you to develop an evening your group of managers won’t ever forget.  At the same time they will learn more about each other, themselves, and what they are capable of accomplishing.  On this page I’ve included the performance I did with Alice Radio doing a special Halloween broadcast to help give you an idea of the types of experiences your clients will have at the event.

There’s a couple of ways I can help you with this reception.  The first way would be by performing a stage performance for the whole crowd at one time.  Typically done as a 45 to 60-minute performance that uses a large portion of the audience as participants. The second is by offering you walk-around or mingling entertainment during the cocktail hour.  This would have me walking through the crowd entertaining small groups of people or individuals up close and personally for short periods of time.  Adding this option allows the audience time to warm up to me during the cocktail hour and really gets them excited about the show that will take place later that evening.

My appearance fee for the stage show my fee is $2,500.   However, the most common option people hire me for is to have both types of entertainment at their event which I do for a rate of $2,950.

Please contact me directly if you would like to book that evening or if you have questions.

Wishing you the best of success with your evening!